Skiing is a dance, and the mountain always leads.


Why Ski?

Psychologists have studied the rationale for skiing – skiers speculate about it – ordinary mortals shake their heads in dismay over it. There is an ambivalence to this sport.

There are no scores or points to skiing, but the beauty of movement gives a self-assurance that is better than winning a game. It is a sport that brings escape from the cares and tensions of daily life.

Skiing brings an awareness of the grandeur or nature; an exhausting exercise for most people, yet no other sports gives such a feeling of satisfaction and healthy vigor.

Why do we ski?

Words can’t explain it. You have to experience the hours and days and weeks of skiing. You have to meet the people who ski – the individualists, the non-conformists. You have to see the beauty of snow covered mountains and valleys. You have to participate in this moment of truth.

Why do we ski?

You have to become a skier to know.

- Anonymous-

Paradise, Mad River Glen, VT

Paradise, Mad River Glen, VT


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Zone-Blanche, Val d'Irene, QC

Zone-Blanche, Val d'Irene, QC


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