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My name is Jim Murray, I was introduced to the tremendous sport of skiing at age four by my father, a top gun pilot.  He would regularly take me to Ski Broadmoor, Colorado Springs where I was allowed to ride the chairlift only to the mid-station, because the top of the trail was "too steep" for my ability.  The area had two trails and 600 vertical feet, it closed in 1991.  I have my father to thank for instilling in me a deep passion for the mountains and skiing.  As I grew up, I covered my bedroom walls with pictures from SKI and SKIING magazines and posters of my idols, Ingemar Stenmark and Franz Klammer, while dreaming of representing the US in the Olympics - that remained a dream.

Skip ahead a few decades and I am happily married to an amazing woman, who is a far better athlete than myself.  I knew I had made a good decision to marry her when she agreed to honeymoon in Las Lenas, Argentina, so could realize a dream of skiing in South America and make some turns off of the infamous Marte chair.  I have passed along my enthusiasm and passion for skiing to my four kids.

Lastly, I would like to retire to Stowe, VT when I get fed up with corporate America.

Marte Chairlift, Las Lenas, Argentina

COol things I have done

I was a top ten finisher in my age group at the NASTAR Nationals at Steamboat, CO on a very East Coast day, which worked to my advantage # The back bowls of Vail met all of my expectations, book a plane ticket now if you have never experienced the back bowls # I ran the NYC Marathon, I took a walk break in Harlem and was told by a spectator that white guys don't walk in Harlem! # I skied over 200 days and attended about three college classes in one year, my skiing improved dramatically, my grades did not # I ran the Marine Corp Marathon, the woman I was to meet 2 years later and subsequently marry, who I didn't know at the time, passed me at some point on the course # I once skied in a rock quarry, in the summer - it doesn't have the same thrill as making turns through a foot of powder and it hurts when you fall # I have competed in the Bear Mountain Mogul Challenge and did OK - I dated someone briefly that won it # I was a ski instructor at Labrador Mountain, a small mountain outside of Syracuse # I am a three-time Lake Placid Ironman finisher # The first time I skied Tuckerman's - I ate cornflakes with water before hiking to the the ravine in a pair of Puma sneakers! # I have never skied in Utah, California or Montana # When I was in 7th grade I straight skied Otto's Folly at Song Mountain, I thought I was the second coming of Steve McKinney # I have been in Kitzbuhel during Hannankam week # I ran the Philadelphia Marathon twice # I have skied in six countries # I have a Master's degree in Project Management # I have slept in the start house on the top of B-Slope at Pico - it is a long story that involves beer # One of my Ironman finishes was broadcasted on the JumboTron in Times Square # I mounted two binding on a pair of K2 220 downhill skis and attempted a daffy with another instructor, we didn't wipe out # I have met Wayne Wong, Phil Mahre and Daron Rahlves # I crashed on skis at 60mph, the wind was knocked out of me # My favorite run on the east coast is La Crete at Mont Ste. Anne, QC, it isn't a hard run, but it is has tremendous views of the St. Lawerence and is "haunted" by John the Hacker # I have skied and golfed in the same day # I have never been inverted on skis # I participated in a torch light parade

Tuckerman's Ravine, Mount Washington, NH the pinnacle of east coast steep skiing

Tuckerman's Ravine, Mount Washington, NH the pinnacle of east coast steep skiing


  • I want to ski in every month of the year, I need to ski in July and September
  • I want to go speed skiing at Sun Peaks, Canada
  • I want to ski in Alabama (yes, Alabama has a ski "hill") and Hawaii to say I have done it
  • I want to ski the Streif
  • I want to go to Whistler, Portillo and Alta/Snowbird
  • I want to go heli skiing
  • I want to participate in a pond skimming contest


  • Jonny Mosely pushed the sport of skiing more than he is given credit
  • I don't understand why mogul skiing has lost some of its appeal
  • Skiing is becoming to corporate
  • Freeskiing competition is an oxymoron
  • Hot Dog The Movie is better than Aspen Extreme
  • I don't understand why groomed corduroy is a good thing
  • Leo Taillerfer's "Line of the Year" was an amazing piece of skiing and looked fun
  • Stenmark was more dominant than Lindsey Vonn, even if Lindsey get more World Cup wins
  • Snow skiing is more fun than water skiing
  • Skiing is too expensive
  • We need more ski areas like Mad River Glen
  • My favorite skier is Candide Thovex, so creative and so skilled
  • I appreciate all the mountains that have worked with me to provide me some tremendous photos for this project

It's Been real

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