20 Powder Day Excuses

With winter storm Jayden bearing down on the East Coast and ready to dump up to 14” of snow, it is time to choose your Powder Day excuse.  Here is a list to help get your creative juices flowing – some are convincing, some are creative and some we just advise against, if staying employed is also part of the plan.

Skiing powder at Mad River Glen  Photo: Courtesy of Mad River Glen

Skiing powder at Mad River Glen

Photo: Courtesy of Mad River Glen

  1. Today is Ullr Day and I must honor the snow gods.

  2. I was swimming in a pool and left a trail of stool – I got diarrhea! Nobody will ask further questions.

  3. Migraine – very believable

  4. I have vision issues today, I can’t see myself coming into work today

  5. Simply say you can’t come in. No excuses, no reason. Just that you can’t come in and you’ll see them the day after.

  6. I have anal glaucoma, I just can’t see my ass coming into work today.

  7. I’m depressed – I have no friends on powder days.

  8. I have a bad case of Mad River fever

  9. I have an appointment at the Okemo clinic and will not be in today

  10. A dingo ate my baby

  11. My car has a flat tire

  12. $h!t's flowing downhill today, so I may as well do the same

  13. What's the use of getting up at 4 AM to snow blow the driveway if I can immediately go the ski hill when I’m done, you're done?

  14. My socks won’t stay up

  15. I have an erection lasting longer than four hours

  16. Seems I have lost my mojo – I need to spend the day finding it

  17. Need to binge watch {insert your favorite show}

  18. Traffic is unbearable I need to turn around and go home

  19. I’m snow blind, I can’t see coming into work today

  20. Honesty. It’s a Powder Day and you plan on hitting the mountains. Just try not to do it every powder day.

See ‘ya on the hill!